As a European business partner we help producers from all over the world to launch innovative products onto the market.

Our mission is to search for great, not recognized products which make everyday life of parents and children easier.


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Tradespot is a Polish importer and distributor of products both for parents and children. We specialize in launching new and valuable goods onto the European market, with particular interest in the Polish market. We build brand recognition from scratch, as well as we create a sales network for products that we consider to be innovative or having the potential of gaining customers’ trust. Each implementation is preceded by marketing tests. In this way we check potential demand on the market. We carry out a sales and marketing strategy, next we introduce products onto the market through a network of stores and online shops.

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We specialize in implementing new and valuable products onto the European market, with particular interest in the Polish market. We create products’ recognition which have not been available on the market before, still they are innovative and have the potential to gain customers’ trust.

Before we launch a product

Each implementation is preceded by marketing tests. In this way we check potential demand on the market.

Preparation of a marketing strategy

After gaining positive results from marketing tests for chosen products, we carry out a sales and marketing strategy. At this stage we forecast channels of communication for retail and business clients.  

Product launch

We launch new products as the direct distributor or through indirect channels. The well-developed trade channels with business partners allow us to saturate shops with chosen products in a short time.


We always lay emphasis on top quality of the products we have on offer – they need to be made from the best materials in order to fulfill all the norms and be safe.

Our assets

Our main assets are the well-developed business connections with shops offering products for children in all Poland. We cooperate both with stores and online shops. We also work with leading companies that hold trade fairs for parents and children.

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Our brands

Our latest launches onto the Polish market, of which we are the exclusive distributor.

A universal footrest compatible with all front facing car seats without a base. It supports legs with great precision thanks to a wide range of regulation. It helps children to keep a safe and comfortable position in the seat. It eliminates pressure under the thighs, which in turn stops problems with blood circulation and numbness in dangling legs. The backbone, muscles and joints are unweighted. Without kicking and balking their legs against the seat in front of them.

Country of origin – South Korea

Flexible and universal shoelaces adjusting to the shape of children’s and adult’s feet. They well replace traditional shoelaces tied with a ribbon or burrs. Once you put them on for the first time, you can keep on putting them on and taking them off without the need to tie them. They are comfortable and safe with every step you take – without stepping on the edge of the shoe. Ideal when playing, running, riding a bicycle. 

Country of origin – Holland

Great products designed by parents for children. The brand is famous for receiving awards for innovative products for the youngest. It is appreciated at the greatest fairs in children industry in Europe Kind und Jugend in Koln. Among the products there needs to be singled out the cup called CanDoCup, which was designed for babies who learn how to drink from a cup as well as  patches that dull pain and itching after an insect bite called Mosquito Bite Relief.

Country of origin – Holland.

Breathable inserts against sweating for all types of car seats and strollers. Thanks to the applied technology of honeycomb, the back of the child remains dry even on hot days. The comfort of usage and hygiene is appreciated from parents of very small babies and toddlers. No more of sweaty back and wet hair.

Country of origin – Italy

It is the first and the only one in the world self-inflatable changing table to change diapers in the car in all conditions where you need a stable and flat surface. It was designed by parents for parents in order to let them change diapers in any place out of home. It provides a child with a safe, comfortable and first of all horizontal surface for lying. It is ideal for a car and other means of transport, for a picnic or even public toilet.

Country of origin – Germany

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